All the SVT art is copyright 1998 by Thomas Scoville.

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What will happen to me? My program? My career?

The Silicon Valley Tarot knows. Created by Thomas Scoville, this tarot deck became "flavor of the month" on the Internet before a single tree died to create a real card. But everyone who saw it wanted a real, physical deck . . . and so we printed one.

The hardcopy version of the Silicon Valley Tarot is a real 70-card deck, with both major and minor arcana. To make the most of your analog arcana, you'll need to download the 44-page guidebook with Scoville's oracular interpretations, along with instructions and sample "spreads" by Tarot maven S. John Ross.

This is the Tarot for the new millennium . . . 2000 came and it's still working. (Like everything else.)

(This is a reproduction of the original card deck; we didn't try to update the cards to the post-Y2K world . . . which is somehow worse than Y2K fears ever imagined.)

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